Smart Glitter Pet ID Tags


Would your pet look adorable in a dazzling pet tag? Spoil them with a durable glitter enamel tag, that’s GUARANTEED to last a lifetime, never rusting or corroding.


Glitter Bone Pet Tag 0X BN
Glitter Heart Pet Tag 0X HT
Glitter Pet Tag 0X PP
Glitter Aqua AQ
Glitter Dark Blue DB
Glitter Gold GO
Glitter Hot Pink HP
Glitter RED RE
Glitter Silver SI
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✔️ KEEP YOUR PET SAFE: Our glitter tags will ensure you can be easily contacted and your pet quickly identified if they become lost or injured. A Pet Net ID Tag is the best way to make sure your’e reunited with your lost pet.

✔️ HIGH QUALITY TAGS: We only use strong and durable materials to produce our tags, guaranteeing they will last.

✔️ FREE ENGRAVINGS: We provide free engraving on the back of all our id tags. The engravings are also guaranteed to last.

✔️ CUSTOM DESIGNS: You choose the colour, icon and material from our super wide range of id tags. Create a unique tag for your pet!


Size Guide

Cat: Width (20mm / 0.8″), Height (24mm / 0.9″), Weight (7g / 0.2oz)

Small: Width (20mm / 0.8″), Height (24mm / 0.9″), Weight (7g / 0.2oz)

Medium: Width (30mm / 1.2″), Height (35mm / 1.4″), Weight (16.1g / 0.6oz)

Large: Width (38mm / 1.5″), Height (44mm / 1.7″), Weight (24.7g / 0.9oz)

Additional information

Choose Size

Cat, Small, Medium, Large

Choose Design

Glitter Bone Pet Tag 0X BN, Glitter Heart Pet Tag 0X HT, Glitter Pet Tag 0X PP

Choose Color

Glitter Aqua AQ, Glitter Dark Blue DB, Glitter Gold GO, Glitter Hot Pink HP, Glitter RED RE, Glitter Silver SI


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