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5 years ago

Funny Dog Compilation ?

5 years ago
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We are on the hunt for 2 dogs that can be the face of our Market Events!

To enter your pet, simply:
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5 years ago
Purina Introduces ‘Own Shit’ Dog Food Flavor

What the... Tag a Friend who would buy this for their dog!

America’s Finest News Source

5 years ago
Woman Adopts A Senior Dog — Then Realizes It's Her First Best Friend

Woman Reunited With Childhood Pet She Was Forced To Give Up

Years after being forced apart, fate has brought them back together for good.

5 years ago

Get this.. it has nothing to do with Pets!

5 years ago
Pet Owner 'Murders Dog Killer' By Ramming Him With His Car

Pet Owner Kills Dog Killer By Ramming Him With His Car

The man was allegedly killing dogs for their meat.

5 years ago
Seeing Eye Dog Sneakily Guides Mom Into Favorite Pet Store

Sneaky Guide Dog Leads Owner To Pet Store To Buy Treats
#clever_dog #petreunite #idtagsfordogs

Thai may be mischievous, but he loves his mom SO much.

5 years ago
Desperate, Starving Stray Dog With Broken Leg Jumps Into Rescuer’s Arms

Stray Dog With Broken Leg Jumps Into Rescuer’s Arms #animal #petreunite

This starving, hurt dog was so grateful to be rescued.

5 years ago
Viral TRND

Border collie and owner wow audience with captivating routine at Dog Dance World Championships.
Credit: Newsflare